Note: there's a known issue with Chrome where the game may fail to load properly.
Reloading can sometimes fix this but using Safari/Firefox/Edge instead should work.


Kero Catcher is a fast paced mini-game where the goal is to eat as many grubs as possible.
This game might feel a little familiar if you've ever played Kirby's Adventure!

Anneka Tran
Rob Laro

Published Feb 07, 2017
AuthorAnneka Tran
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cute, Endless
Average sessionA few minutes


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A little suggestion: it will be better to lose a life ONLY when you eat log. I think it's too hard right now ;)

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It's not working

It's just a gray screen and then I lose after clicking(Google Chrome)

Sorry this is a known issue with Chrome sometimes. I haven't figured out the reason why but you should be able to use another browser to play.

47 was my highest, couldnt get to 50 >:(

fun game though :D very satisfying

Aaaaand now i have to play kirby, nice work :D

This is adorable and pretty fun to play.